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Shipping and Handling

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We ship insured worldwide

Feel free to inquire about your location ^_^  We are very flexible~!  If the United States Postal Service ( can reach you, we can ship it!

All of our shipping is a one time flat rate based on order weight. Please see the list below to check postage costs for your country.

Country Small Packet Standard Expedited
United States $3.95 (under 4oz)

$6.00 (under 5lbs/small package)

$20.00 (0-5lbs+)
Canada $14.50 (under 8oz) $20.00 (under 5lbs/small package) $75.00 (0-5lbs+)
Worldwide $17.00 (under 8oz) $27.00 (under 5lbs/small package) $80.00 (0-5lbs+)

You're covered!  EVERY item that we ship is insured!  You don't have to ask us to insure your purchase - it's already done! If an item is lost or damaged in the mail, we seek to find a replacement for you, as we understand that even with insurance, what you truly wanted was the item you purchased.

Tracking - Domestic orders come with free tracking.  Most international shipments can be tracked (Express, Priority, First Class International Package).

Please note: postal insurance can only cover losses caused by the post office. If an item is marked as delivered, you will have to use your personal home insurance policy to cover any loss that occurs after the post office delivers your item.

All shipping is calculated by the USPS (the United States Post Office). 



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