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Fake Manga - Fake Second 03 (Dee x Ryo) - Cherden's Doujinshi Shop
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East End Club

Fake Manga - Fake Second 03 (Dee x Ryo)

$ 59.99
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Product details:   Dee x Ryo

A youth is brutally murdered and his remains are found in a garbage chute. What is the killer's motive? Also - can Dee and Ryo find time for romance with such hectic cases popping up left and right?

Item Title: Fake Second 03
Produced by: East End Club (Sanami Matoh)
Format: Doujinshi
Language: Japanese
Page Count: 90
Size: A5
Date Produced: 2014.10.12
Condition: Preowned - Very Good
Recommendation: PG15

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