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Attack on Titan Clip - Karakore Clip Figurine Armin Arlert (Armin) - Cherden's Doujinshi Shop - 1

Attack on Titan Clip - Karakore Clip Figurine Armin Arlert (Armin / Armin Arlert)

$ 19.99
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Product details:   Armin / Armin Arlert

This is a cute character mascot that you can clip to your purse, bag, keys or phone! Please note: this figurine contains small and sharp parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Item Title: Karakore Clip Figurine Armin Arlert
Produced by: Movic
Format: Clip
Language: Japanese
Item Count: 1
Size: About 1.5 in tall / 3.81 cm tall
Date Produced: 2014.09.26
Condition: Preowned - Excellent (Very light signs of use. Minimal visible defects and very minor storage/shelf wear.)
Condition notes: Outer Packaging wear (light), Never Used

Recommendation: PG15 - General

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