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We sell Japanese fan comics (doujinshi) as well as doujinshi supplies and cute collectibles!  We have moved from our old location, (dojinclub).  Dojinclub's URL will bring you here, so you're covered no matter how your bookmarks are set!  ^_^
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Are you looking for a particular item?  Feel free to contact us! 

We can add any item from our eBay store to  Just contact us and we'll add the item here so you can purchase it!  (This is especially helpful for international shoppers who wish to purchase items restricted on eBay's site).

Also, browse our Sold Out category to see if we have your request in our catalog!  All you have to do is click on "Notify Me When Available."   Enter your email and when we get the item in stock, we'll send you a notice!

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We're more than happy to answer your questions!  Please click here to send us a message.



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